We cater to early childhood education for kids aged 6 weeks to 12 years with a commitment to giving the best education possible through the following programs offered at Creative World Learning Center, Inc.

Other Key Features at our Learning Center

  • School Based Curriculum Pre-K Program
  • Transportation to & from area schools
  • Pre-K AM & PM Pick-Up
  • Summer Program
  • Aged Based Curriculum
  • Hot Meals and Snacks
  • Spacious Classrooms & Playground
  • Field Trips
  • NAEYC Member

The Curriculum at Creative World Learning Center, Inc.

Our Curriculum is designed to motivate your child to enjoy learning. We believe children learn by doing. The more involved they are, the more enriching the experience. We also believe that learning should be fun. Our programs are designed to be age-appropriate, challenging, activity oriented and enjoyable. Children will not be rushed or pushed into meeting preset goals. They are encouraged to grow and learn from the experiences that are offered and to have a great time while doing so!

Our programs and classroom activities revolve around a weekly lesson plan. Lessons plans are posted so you may follow your child’s program. “Daily Notes” are provided every day for each child aged 6 weeks to 2 years old to help you follow their day.

Off staff members are well trained, early childhood professionals who are warm and dedicated to their profession. It is required that our staff be CPR certified and first aid certified and they receive 24 hours of training in their age group annually. They implement our educational program and provide consistent care that offers your child the chance to grow and develop according to his or her own ability. The teachers endeavor to provide an environment that nurtures self-esteem.

Placing your child in the care of someone else will always be an important decision. At Creative World Learning Centre, Inc. we want to make your selection a comfortable one. We strive to provide an environment appropriate to the needs of the each child, a place your child can look forward to coming each day, and a center where you know your child’s well-being is our number one goal.

Nutritional Guidelines

  • Infants (6 weeks to 12 weeks): Parents will provide formulas, cereals, etc. for this age group.
  • Allergens: “Nut Products” will not be served throughout the school.
  • Hot lunches and snacks will be provided daily.
  • Snacks will include fruits, vegetables, crackers and cookies.
  • Milk, juices and water will always be provided to the children throughout the day.
  • Friday’s are “Brown Bag Day,” each child will bring their own favorite lunch from home. We will still provide a morning and afternoon snack on Friday’s.

Our Snow Policy

  • If the Federal Government is closed, Creative World is Closed.
  • If Alexandria City & Fairfax Co. Schools open two hours late. Creative World will open two hours late.
  • If Alexandria City & Fairfax Co. Schools are closed. Creative World will try to open two hours late.